Our Quality Guarantee To You

You want the job done, and you want it done right.

That's not too much for a home owner to ask about his renovations, painting maintenance, or interior decoration, and that's what we work hard to deliver.

The first step required is good and clear communication before the job. We'll do our very best to ask all the right questions, and we look forward to you telling us everything you think we might need to know - from the subtle to the obvious.

So let's get together and put everything about your job on the table before we even look at a paint brush, and then we'll be in the best position to ensure the quality service our other happy customers have received.

Quality Assurance Checks - On Site

Both during a project and again once it has been completed, Bega Painters will perform various quality assurance checks. This involves each stage of your project, and each section or area involved. If we're not happy, you won't be, so we'll make sure everything is completed professionally before we finish.

A Phone Call Means Happy Customers

If there's anything you're not sure of, we really want to hear from you. Just a quick phone call is all it takes to correct any small problems that have occurred, or avoid misunderstandings.

We pride ourselves in our communication with you before and during the job, and we'll gladly continue that communication afterwards, because we only want happy customers!

6494 5810 or 0431 300 076

"Mark & Diana were a pleasure to deal with and we were extremely happy with the quality of the work done. We will definitely be using their services again!" Karen G, Merimbula

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