Cleaning - Before & After Painting

What does a painter know about cleaning? A whole lot!

The integrity of your paint relies on the quality of the cleaning that was performed on the substrate in the first place. Bega Painters take no chances when preparing a surface for painting, and over the years, this has made them expert cleaners.

Mould Removal

Apart from recommending anti-mould paint for moisture-prone areas, Bega Painters can clean, kill and remove mould thoroughly, and finally. As long as the moisture source issue has been resolved (via repairs or sufficient extraction, for example) you don't have to expect that mould to return!

High Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Especially when it comes to exterior house painting, Bega Painters have acquired the equipment necessary for high pressure washing. There's nothing quite as thorough on weatherboard, brickwork or rendering as a high pressure cleaner.

So whether or not you're painting, why not give your house a quick and cost-effective facelift with external house wash?

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

So much of the visible area of the outside of your house is your roof, but it's often left unattended to. Using their professional cleaning equipment and chemicals, Bega Painters will clean your roof and gutters to perfection, leaving them fresh and gleaming, or ready to paint for the longest-lasting paint coating.

Gutter cleaning is also a protection from fire hazards, which can be the difference that saves your house when disaster strikes, like during the 2013 Bega fires.

Any other cleaning requests? Give Bega Painters a call: 6494 5810

6494 5810 or 0431 300 076

"Mark & Diana were a pleasure to deal with and we were extremely happy with the quality of the work done. We will definitely be using their services again!" Karen G, Merimbula

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